The Zurich Latin Bible of 1543

13582131903In 1543 the Zurich reformers produced Latin translations of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha together with a revised edition of Erasmus’ New Testament. The Biblia sacrosancta was a beautiful volume, Froschauer’s finest work. The work on the Old Testament was primarily done by Leo Jud, though it was completed by Theodor Bibliander and Konrad Pellikan after his death in 1542. The translation, together with the textual apparati, and the extensive prefaces form the most complete expression of the theological and ecclesiastical vision of the Zurich church under Heinrich Bullinger. Printed twelve years after the death of Huldrych Zwingli, the Bible embodied the ideals of a restored church that had to turn its back on its fallen founder. Zwingli was never mentioned and the model for a new, proud, and confident church was St Jerome, represented in the figure of the translator Leo Jud. This essay explores the relationship between biblical interpretation, identity, and church building for the second generation of the Reformation.

The essay, by Bruce Gordon, appeared in Zwingliana a few years back.  Get it.  Read it.