Calvin and Luther Can PDA to their Hearts’ Content. Zwinglians Are More Respectful and Respectable

Which is why in a discussion of PDA this guy doesn’t drag in blessed Zwingli’s name.  Z was way too classy for such nonsense.

When it came to marriage, Luther and Calvin were as different as fire and ice.
Luther, perhaps with a few beers under his belt, playfully addressed letters to: “my heartily beloved, gracious housewife … Katherine, Lady Luther, Lady Doctor, Lady of the Pigmarket, and whatever else she may be.” Another time he declares: “I would not trade my Katie for [all of] France or Venice.” … because God gave her to me [and] … me to her.”

Calvin on the other hand (perhaps he should have imbibed a bit more often), bloviated: “I am not one of those insane lovers who [is] … smitten with the fine figure of a woman.”

Although governed by different temperaments, both men married and in their own ways loved their wives. Luther was “crazy” about Katie and could not stop talking about her. Reminiscing over dinner (and more good German beer) some fourteen years after his marriage, Luther regaled his wide-eyed students with the story of his initial encounter with Katie. He was not attracted to Katie at first because he thought she was prideful. He was more interested in Ave von Schönfeld, another of the runaway nuns.

Fun stuff for this Val’s Day.  Enjoy.