Why Conservatives and their Anti-Refugee Thinking is Wrong, and Evil

At the end of a sensible essay on the topic of Trump’s immoral travel ban, we read

There is a place for prudent questions about security, but the responsibility of the nation-state is a minor concern compared to the responsibility of God’s people. Good citizens will hold both institutions accountable: We must ensure that the United States is just and secure, so that we can welcome as many people as is prudent and send out our very best to participate in God’s work elsewhere.

Have we as Christians chosen to silence the parts of Scripture that call for sacrifices on behalf of the vulnerable? Or do we speak and act out of our primary citizenship in the City of God, and work to make the City of Man honor its obligations?

Those are the questions people who oppose refugees being welcomed by this country need to answer.  Give the whole a read.  And let me just say that from my perspective Conservatives voicing opinions that suggest that letting refugees in our country is wrong; you are not thinking like a Christian and, consequently, your thinking is wrong and ultimately evil.