Famous Theologians And Their Thoughts on the Commentary

Following are some of the things that they’re saying about the Commentary* which you can acquire for yourself in electronic form for just $199 by clicking my PayPal Link.

NT Wright:  “Jim who’s commentary?”

Michael Bird: “Every time I read Jim’s work I’m astonished that his books haven’t been made into movies!”

James Crossley:  “Never in my life have I read anything like the stuff Jim produces.  Never…”

Chris Tilling:  “If Doug Campbell were half as witty as Jim and half as gifted he would be in the pastorate too instead of teaching at that backwater outpost of redneck learning he’s stuck at.”

Karl Barth:  “I have Jim’s commentary open on my desk whenever I read the Bible, which is not at all frequently.”

Emil Brunner: “I love Jim’s work as much as he loves mine.”

Martin Luther:  “Jim is the only Re-Baptizer I can stomach.  The rest of them are imbeciles born of satan.”

John Calvin:  “None better.  None.”

Huldrych Zwingli:  “Honestly, I don’t believe in reincarnation, but if I did, I think Jim would be me.  Except he’s right about everything and I was wrong about Mary and wrong about baptism.”

James Aitken:  “Jim who’s what?”

Joel Watts:  “I seldom confess this- but Jim’s work is the best known to me, either personally or by reputation.”

Wolfgang Mozart:  “If Jim’s work were musical compositions I would have to confess that he has done greater than I.”

John the Baptist:  “He must increase, and I must decrease.”

*The following quotes may or may not have actually ever been spoken.



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