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Quote of the Day

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Emo Trump

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Cop Out

‪Biggest cop out attempting to excuse bad behaviour: ‘I’m only human’.  So was Jesus.‬

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That’s Just Wrong

A proposed bill in the Tennessee General Assembly seeks to classify children born through artificial insemination as illegitimate children.  Representative Terry Lynn Weaver (R-Lancaster) proposed HB 1406, which is intended to repeal the current statute regarding children born through artificial … Continue reading

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Trump Valentines

From Helen Ingram-

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The Bloody Origin of Valentine’s Day

NPR has the history.

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Iran Trolls Trump

These videos… so funny

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How To Respond When Your Enemies are in Hot Pursuit

“I awaited tranquilly what my enemies might do; they tried every means to overthrow me; but, on the one side, I would take no notice of their insults; and, on the other, I let them understand that I regarded all … Continue reading

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We must seek peace if we are to avoid war. And it is not enough merely to seek it; when we have found it and when it flees before us we must pursue it with all our energies. — St … Continue reading

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