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Signs of the Times: Presidential Declarations

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Dull Witted and Coarsely Ignorant

I am not dull-witted nor coarsely ignorant – qualities which my enemies take for holiness, calling themselves the disciples of fishermen as if men were made holy by knowing nothing.  – St. Jerome

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Quote of the Day: On Being Downcast

“I am not afraid; I am not downhearted; I am of good cheer and refuse to worry. It is true that misery and sorrow are with me; they scowl at me and try to frighten me into begging for mercy. … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times: The Hypocrisy of the GOP

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Luther’s Words In An Online Collage

Luther coined a lot of new words. This report informs us about their appearance in an online collage. Begriffe wie „Machtwort“, „Lückenbüßer“ und „Feuereifer“ sind längst Bestandteile der Alltagssprache. Mit einer Vielzahl neuer Wörter hat der Reformator Martin Luther das … Continue reading

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A Film About Luther

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Fun Facts from Church History: Melanchthon’s Lectures on John

Melanchthon held lectures on the Gospel of John at the University of Wittenberg from February 11, 1522, until around March 11, 1523.* So Luther took the notes and had them published, writing a witty and brilliant preface which begins I … Continue reading

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Fun Facts From Church History: Geneva and Castellio

Sébastien Castellio (1515–63), who was six years younger than Calvin, was a Savoyard by birth, had risen from very humble origins to distinction in humanistic learning at Lyons, had fled to Strassburg by reason of his Protestant sympathies, and, while … Continue reading

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