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Wikipedia and Donald Trump

  1. Ignorance and the denigration of expertise birthed Wikipedia.
  2. Wikipedia birthed the legitimization of falsehood.
  3. Falsehood birthed Donald Trump.
  4. Donald Trump birthed the exaltation of ignorance.

Absent the denigration of expertise and falsehood Donald Trump never could have risen to power. Trump’s power is rooted in falsehood and ignorance and that is not a healthy combination for any country. When societies follow the lead of a clearly marked deceiver societies suffer serious consequences.

But deception is only possible where ignorance and the denigration of expertise are present.  Hence, Trump is the perfect reflection of the Wikipedian mindset and the Wikipedian state of mind is the perfect soil for the planting of Trumpian deception.

Written by Jim

10 Feb 2017 at 10:07 pm

Posted in Modern Culture

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  1. Wikipedia is not the problem. There is nothing wrong with people volunteering to share their knowledge and insights. The problem is that debate, which is the key to improving our understanding, was severely obstructed because activists could link to all kinds of outdated information (like 19th century books on Jesus Mythicism) whereas bona fide scholars could not link to up-to-date articles – which are behind paywalls.

    The scientists and scholars who are now marching for science are well-meaning people. But they are fifteen years too late. Quindecim annos, grande mortalis aevi spatium.


    Jona Lendering

    11 Feb 2017 at 5:21 am

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