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Wikipedia and Donald Trump

Ignorance and the denigration of expertise birthed Wikipedia. Wikipedia birthed the legitimization of falsehood. Falsehood birthed Donald Trump. Donald Trump birthed the exaltation of ignorance. Absent the denigration of expertise and falsehood Donald Trump never could have risen to power. … Continue reading

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Fun Facts From Church History: Those Monastic Pre-Reformation Libraries Were Tiny

The number of books in the library of the Augustine friars’ monastery in Möðruvellir dropped from 127 in 1461 to 76 in 1525. – From Gutenberg to Luther: Transnational Print Cultures in Scandinavia 1450–1525. Interesting snippet (from a footnote) in a … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Do not make friends with one who gives way to anger, make no one quick-tempered a companion of yours, for fear you learn such behaviour and in it find a snare for yourself. –  (Prov. 22:24-25)

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You Need to Stop Supporting Franklin Graham

Why?  This: The Charlotte Observer reported in 2015 that between his two jobs Graham received compensation totaling more than $880,000 in 2013. That made him the highest-paid CEO of any international relief agency based in the United States, but it … Continue reading

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If You’re in Atlanta…

On Tuesday, February 21st, the Baptist Studies Program will sponsor Alliance of Baptists Day, an opportunity for the Candler community to become familiar with this denominational organization, its values, vision, and mission. Please register to attend by 5:00 p.m. on … Continue reading

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An All Purpose Luther-Meme

Feel free to use this with any degree of regularity you like about anyone you deem appropriate.  Except me or Zwingli.  That would just be wrong.

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Even More Cause For Envy from Aitken


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Whence Consolation

John Calvin once wrote “When the world appears to be aimlessly tumbled about, the Lord is everywhere at work.” And that is certainly true. God is Lord and he is in control. But the fact remains, when we’re in the … Continue reading

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The Reformation Then and Now: 25 Years of Modern Reformation Articles Celebrating 500 Years of the Reformation

Hendrickson has sent a review copy of this new volume of collected essays: What caused Luther, Calvin, and others to set in motion the Reformation—and what are the consequences, both then and now? Is the 500-year-old breach between Rome and … Continue reading

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When It Comes to Hurling Insults, No One Is Better Than….

Luther- It is presumptuous for people who are as ignorant as you are not to take up the work of a herdsman. You are the ultimate scourges of the world, the Antichrist together with your sophists and bishops. Here now, … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings The Crazy Duggar Family

This may be the best Bee mockery yet! The Duggar family’s hit reality show 19 Kids and Counting may have been canceled amid controversy last year, but the famously large family is set to make a big comeback with a … Continue reading

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Jim Aitken is at the Tübingen University Library, And I’m Smitten With Envy

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The St Scholastica Riot

I didn’t know about this bit of fun till I read it on the Center for Renaissance Studies facebook page: This Day in History: St. Scholastica Day Riot Fellow students, are you feeling stressed? Try to stay zen…unlike Walter Spryngeheuse … Continue reading

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America First?  No!

God first.  Period.

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Call For Papers: British New Testament Society

CALL FOR PAPERS The British New Testament Society Annual Conference St Patrick’s College, Maynooth 31st August – 2nd September 2017 Proposals for papers are invited for the British New Testament Conference 2017 to be held in Maynooth, Ireland from Thursday … Continue reading

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Coming up at Ming Hua This Semester

“Then beginning with Moses and all the prophets, he interpreted to them the things about himself in all the scriptures.” Luk 24:27.  Jesus interpreted the Old Testament to the two disciples on the road to Emmaus. Shouldn’t we study the … Continue reading

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Dear Republicans, What’s Wrong With You? When Did You Become So Evil?

The Central Michigan University president says he is “deeply disappointed” about an anti-Semitic Valentine’s Day card that was produced during a campus Republican group meeting, then apparently given to a pair of students by a member of that group, which says it was … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times: The GOP Plan To Replace ‘Obamacare’

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