Confirm Judge Gorsuch

His comments concerning Trump’s denigration of the judiciary are very, very encouraging.

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch told a US senator Wednesday that President Donald Trump’s tweets about the judiciary are “demoralizing” and “disheartening.”  In a meeting with Connecticut Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Gorsuch, who’s largely been silent since Trump nominated him last week, took exception to Trump calling a federal judge in Seattle a “so-called judge” after blocking the President’s travel ban. “He said very specifically that they were demoralizing and disheartening, and he characterized them very specifically that way,” Blumenthal said of Gorsuch.   Ron Bonjean, who is leading communications for Gorsuch during the confirmation process, confirmed Gorsuch called Trump’s tweet about the “so-called judge” “disheartening” and “demoralizing” in his conversation with Blumenthal.

He’s on the right path and he will clearly stand up to Trump.  Confirm him, Senate.

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2 Responses to Confirm Judge Gorsuch

  1. Bob Schilaci says:

    Anyone nominated by Trump cannot be trusted.


  2. thislamp says:

    Gorsuch is the first nominee from Trump I’ve liked. I wonder how long before Trump withdraws his nomination?


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