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More Pentebabbleist Insanity

Steven Bancarz used to be enamored with the occult. He actively participated in astral projection, Christ-consciousness and more.   But now he’s out to expose the New Age and the presence of the occult in seemingly mundane events, like the Super Bowl. Sunday night, the internet was abuzz with talk of Lady Gaga’s halftime show. While many people praised the performance, Bancarz saw something malicious beneath the surface.  He posted his analysis on Facebook: 

Pentagrams lining the stage at the Superbowl halftime show. Cross-dressing men with makeup dancing on stage. Flames, black clothing, 666 hand signs over the eyes. Typical halftime show.

I have an honest question for non-Christian truthers and political conspiracy activists who are Facebook friends with me and are reading this status. Because I am confused and want to know what your worldview is.

(This may seem strange to some Christians who have not been exposed to this kind of material before).

If we can grant, for the sake of argument, that there is a class of Satanic/occultic elites who pull strings and run the show from the top down (as most I am referring to believe in some sense or another), we can obviously agree there must be something beyond the natural material world of atoms and molecules in order for Satanism, ritual sacrifice and occult practices to even be feasible and existent.

These people are nuts.  Just plain nuts.  These Montanists are a blotch on the Christian faith.

America First, But Ostfriesland Second!

A Lovely Lunch

Gareth Jones, our Principal at Ming Hua, is visiting here in the States for a bit and he stopped by Knoxville where we met for lunch at one of his favorite spots- Cracker Barrel and we discussed plans for J-Term for 2018 at Ming Hua.  It was great to see him again and great to make plans for some exciting courses coming up.  You’ll be unsurprised to learn that I snapped some photos.

And yes- he signed up for a Prius as his rental and they gave him that sweet Mustang instead… lucky devil.


If you treat sex like it’s the moral equivalent of kissing or going to McDonald’s, you lack ethics and morality. Evidently that truth is completely unknown to young people (and some old people) today.  Someone has failed you or you have failed to learn moral behavior.  Either way, you need to change.

An Essay By Emidio Campi: “Die Schweiz – ein Nebenkrater der Reformation?”

campiEmidio Campi, “Die Schweiz – ein Nebenkrater der Reformation?” in Günter Frank, Volker Leppin, Herman J. Selderhuis (eds.), Wem gehört die Reformation? Nationale und konfessionelle Dispositionen der Reformationsdeutung, Freiburg-Basel-Wien: Herder, 2013, 121-153.

You can download a pdf for yourself here.

I Thought It Was Funny…


Schiffman on Post Maccabean Jerusalem

Here’s an interesting essay:

The period following the Maccabean Revolt ushered in tremendous expansion in the city of Jerusalem and even on the Har Habayit (Temple Mount). Jerusalem expanded westward to include the area known as the Upper City and a combination of enlargement and refurbishing of the enclosure of the Har Habayit resulted as well. As a result, Jerusalem in this period once again became a prosperous and beautiful city. But to understand these important developments, it is necessary first to know what happened in the aftermath of the re-conquest of the city and Beit Hamikdash (Holy Temple) under Yehudah (Judah) the Maccabee in the revolt of 168-164 BCE.

We Know Who Has Tom Brady’s Jersey…


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Public Lecture Series at Ming Hua

Bishop Patrick Yu will have public lectures at Ming Hua on Mondays between 27 Feb and 29 May.  The lectures will be in Cantonese.  The fee for all 13 lectures is HK$650 (excluding the fee of Saturday retreat).  If you register on or before 17 Feb, the fee is just HK$500 only.  For details, please kindly refer to the attached poster.