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More Pentebabbleist Insanity

Steven Bancarz used to be enamored with the occult. He actively participated in astral projection, Christ-consciousness and more.   But now he’s out to expose the New Age and the presence of the occult in seemingly mundane events, like the … Continue reading

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Trump Deports the Statue of Liberty

After living in the United States for over a hundred years, the French-born Statue of Liberty was detained and deported Tuesday by direct order of President Donald Trump, sources confirmed. The deportation of the iconic statue is just the latest … Continue reading

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America First, But Ostfriesland Second!

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A Lovely Lunch

Gareth Jones, our Principal at Ming Hua, is visiting here in the States for a bit and he stopped by Knoxville where we met for lunch at one of his favorite spots- Cracker Barrel and we discussed plans for J-Term … Continue reading

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If you treat sex like it’s the moral equivalent of kissing or going to McDonald’s, you lack ethics and morality. Evidently that truth is completely unknown to young people (and some old people) today.  Someone has failed you or you … Continue reading

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An Essay By Emidio Campi: “Die Schweiz – ein Nebenkrater der Reformation?”

Emidio Campi, “Die Schweiz – ein Nebenkrater der Reformation?” in Günter Frank, Volker Leppin, Herman J. Selderhuis (eds.), Wem gehört die Reformation? Nationale und konfessionelle Dispositionen der Reformationsdeutung, Freiburg-Basel-Wien: Herder, 2013, 121-153. You can download a pdf for yourself here.

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I Thought It Was Funny…

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Schiffman on Post Maccabean Jerusalem

Here’s an interesting essay: The period following the Maccabean Revolt ushered in tremendous expansion in the city of Jerusalem and even on the Har Habayit (Temple Mount). Jerusalem expanded westward to include the area known as the Upper City and … Continue reading

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Kellyanne Conway is So Desperate For Approval for Trump That She’s Cited a Poll By The Examiner

For those of you unfamiliar with the Examiner… think National Enquirer without the actual journalists.

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We Know Who Has Tom Brady’s Jersey…

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Fun Facts From Church History: The Rise of Anabaptism in Zurich

On January 21st, 1525 the Council forbade the private meetings of the Baptists and banished the foreigners among their members. Up to this time the Baptists merely protested against infant baptism, but had not ventured upon baptising adults who had … Continue reading

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Public Lecture Series at Ming Hua

Bishop Patrick Yu will have public lectures at Ming Hua on Mondays between 27 Feb and 29 May.  The lectures will be in Cantonese.  The fee for all 13 lectures is HK$650 (excluding the fee of Saturday retreat).  If you … Continue reading

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