Reformation Volumes

In celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, ISD will be highlighting titles on Reformation history and theology throughout the year. Here we present special offers on the series “Refo500 Academic Studies (R5AS)” from V&R Academic.

Refo500 focuses on the religious, theological, political, social, legal, and cultural dimensions of the Reformation. In this series, monographs and thematic collections will be published in English, German and French. The series is characterised by an interdisciplinary approach, international cooperation, and a high scholarly level.  Orders are welcome by phone, fax, by email to, or through our website. We are happy to offer a standing order discount of 20% on this series.  If you are interested in only an individual volume, simply quote promotional code 808-17 and the special offer price will be applied through April 7th, 2017.  The most recently published volumes in this series are below. Follow this link to learn more about all available volumes.

Lutheran Theology and the Shaping of Society:
The Danish Monarchy as Example, 
edited by Bo Kristian Holm and Nina J. Koefoed et al. 9783525551240, Hardback, 392 pages, December 2016, Refo500 Academic Studies (R5AS), 33, Regular Price: $125.00 /Special Offer Price: $100.00

From different perspectives this book studies the role of Reformation theology in the shaping of Danish society and the social dimensions of Lutheran confessional culture. The book develops an approach making it possible to draw strong conclusion about the social teaching of Luther and its impact on the development of the Danish society. It works on a conceptual level by analyzing the social dimensions of key Lutheran concepts and their translation into the doctrine of the three estates (church, household, and state), and on the level of lived experience of life within these three orders, not at least within the household forming the ideal form also for church and state.  Visit our website to learn more about this title here.

Underground Protestantism in Sixteenth Century Spain:
A Much Ignored Side of Spanish History, 
by Frances Luttikhuizen et al., 9783525551103, Hardback, 434 pages, November 2016, Refo500 Academic Studies (R5AS), 30, Regular Price: $113.00 / Special Offer Price: $91.00

Frances Luttikhuizen chronicles the arrival, reception, and suppression of Protestant thought in sixteenth century Spain-referred to at that time as ‘Lutheranism’. It opens with several chapters describing the socio-political-religious context that prevailed in Spain at the beginning of the sixteenth century and the growing trend to use the vernacular for parts of the Mass, as well as for catechizing the populace. The final chapters focus on the exiles and their contributions, the persecution of foreigners, and the years up to the abolition of the Inquisition. The work concludes with the efforts made in the nineteenth century to rediscover the history of the persecuted sixteenth century Spanish Protestants and their writings.  Visit our website to learn more about this title here.