What Did Luther Think of Physicians?

Yeah, turns out, not much…

lutherDear God, if I had died of stone in Smalcald I would now have been in heaven, freed from all evil, for a year. I was at that time sufficiently annoyed by the physicians. They gave me as much to drink as if I had been a big ox. They worked over my body until all my members, even my private parts, became lifeless. I had to obey the physicians. I did what I did from necessity, lest I appear to neglect my body. Wretched is the man who relies on the help of physicians.

I don’t deny that medicine is a gift of God and I don’t reject this knowledge, but where are the physicians who are perfect? A good regimen is worth a great deal. So if I feel tired and nevertheless adhere to my regimen, go to bed by the ninth hour, and have a restful night, I will be refreshed. When I get up from my rest I can’t work very long. My time has just about come anyhow.”  –  Martin Luther

Wretched is the man indeed…  and poorer.