Martin and Katie Luther: Homeowners!

the black cloister luthers home

February 4, 1532: Elector John of Saxony turns over the ownership of the Black Cloister to Martin and Katie Luther. Even though it had been considered a wedding gift from him, it wasn’t until seven years later that the documentation Is settled and the Luthers are officially home owners. Katie spent many hours transforming the former monastery into a comfortable family home. Walls were whitewashed, rooms transformed from monks’ cells into bedrooms, cellars dug, and more. Home ownership also gave the Luthers certain rights as citizens of Wittenberg.

This was not the only property which Martin and Katie owned. Katie persuaded Martin to let her buy various farm fields, including her family’s farm at Zölsdorf, so that she could provide food for her family and the constant stream of guests and lodgers.

Rebecca DeGarmeaux

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