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Not the Nine O’Clock News on ‘The Devil’

Trendy Vicars and knowing suburbanites discuss the question- ‘is the Devil all bad’?

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Giovanni Garbini’s Last Book

Just published posthumously.

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Total Depravity: Two Shameful Pastors in the News This Week Edition

Police: Florida pastor caught with man’s wife, flees naked TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A police report says a prominent Florida pastor was forced to run out of a house naked after a woman’s husband came home to find him having … Continue reading

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Reformation Celebration at Union University

All the details are available here.

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Thinking of Bonhoeffer on his Birthday

Thinking of Bonhoeffer, one can easily conclude that Bonhoeffer was to theology what Trump is to American Presidents.  If not worse.

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Trump’s Illegal Travel Ban Has Been Completely Abandoned By Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security said it has suspended all actions to implement President Donald Trump’s immigration order. The department will resume inspections of travelers as it did prior to the signing of the executive order, DHS acting press secretary Gillian … Continue reading

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Lithuania Trolls Trump

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Belgium Trolls Trump

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Denmark Trolls Trump

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Petrus Dathenus und der Heidelberger Katechismus

Der Heidelberger Katechismus zählt zu den zentralen Lehr- und Bekenntnisschriften des reformierten Protestantismus. Bei seiner Abfassung wurde in nicht unerheblichem Maße auf Stoff aus älteren Katechismen reformierter Prägung zurückgegriffen. Neben dem großen und dem kleinen Katechismus von Zacharias Ursinus (1534–1583) … Continue reading

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When You’re Reading A Book By NT Wright…

And you can’t find a bookmark… this is the preferred method (with thanks to Colin for the photo)-

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Martin and Katie Luther: Homeowners!

February 4, 1532: Elector John of Saxony turns over the ownership of the Black Cloister to Martin and Katie Luther. Even though it had been considered a wedding gift from him, it wasn’t until seven years later that the documentation … Continue reading

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