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Signs of the Times: The Bowling Green Massacre

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Quote of the Day

What fools, what savage beasts and worse does anger make men! – Matthew Henry

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A Bit of Craziness from the C of E

A leading theological college that trains priests for the Church of England has apologised after it hosted a service to mark LGBT history month that referred to God as “the Duchess”. Student priests at Westcott House in Cambridge organised the … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings the ‘People are Basically Good’ Nonsense

Researchers at MIT revealed Friday they were still unable to locate mankind’s innate moral goodness, despite a $20 million federal government grant to scour every cell of the human body to locate the rumored decency with which every human is born. … Continue reading

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Der Spiegel Understands Trump, So Why don’t Enough Americans?

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The Bee Stings The Theological Ignorance of the Seeker Sensitives and Emergents

In a bid to better understand the community surrounding the popular megachurch, Lifevision Church leaders reportedly conducted a survey among neighborhood residents over the past week, asking which historic Christian doctrines the church could jettison in order to get people … Continue reading

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Trump’s Hypocrisy

Donald Trump today has sanctioned Iran for a missile test but not Russia for an actual military invasion.  That’s hypocrisy and the toadying act of a person who is simply nothing more than Putin’s lapdog.

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Because The World Needs to Understand the Message of the Bible… The Commentary Sale to Beat All Sales

I think people need to understand the Bible.  The Commentary I’ve written helps lay-folk do just that.  And in times like these, it becomes even more critical that people know what the Bible actually says. So we’re having a sale. … Continue reading

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The Ordinances for the Churches in the Genevan Territory

The good old days for sure! Ordinances for the Supervision of Churches in the Country February 3, 1547 Ordinances for the Supervision of the Churches dependent on the Seigneury of Geneva, which it is advised be put in force, subject … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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If You’re in Sheffield (Or Yorkshire, for that Matter)

You may want to attend this:  ‘Christian Soldiers? Biblical Scholarship and Pacifism in the First World War.’ by Hugh Pyper. The details are here.

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Kennen Sie das Altarbild der Schlosskirche in Wittenberg? Luther sitzt im Kreis der Jünger mit Jesus am Tisch beim letzten Abendmahl, neben ihm der Drucker seiner Bibelübersetzung. Die Botschaft ist klar: Martin Luther hat seine Lehre aus erster Hand: Sie … Continue reading

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Germany Mocks Trump

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Switzerland Mocks Trump

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Farewell, Johannes Gutenberg

J.G. died on this day in 1468.  His invention is probably the most important ever.

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