Evangelical Supporters of Trump: What’s Wrong With You?

I know there’s something wrong with Trump.  He is immoral, amoral, perverse, hateful, xenophobic, misogynistic, and not a Christian.  But what’s wrong with you that you actually support such a person and continue to defend him?


At the National Prayer Breakfast, a solemn occasion with a rich history, President Trump spent more than a minute talking about his former reality show “The Apprentice.”

How is that appropriate?  How is Trump anything other than self serving and self aggrandizing and how does that sort of disposition line up with the demands of Jesus?

He used the occasion to jokingly call for prayers for its new host Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Since when is prayer a matter of jokes?  How is it ok with you that Trump treats it as such?

“Ratings went right down the tubes. It’s been a total disaster,” he said.

Again, how is that appropriate subject matter for a prayer breakfast?  How?

The keynote speaker at the National Prayer Breakfast was Barry Black, the chaplain of the United States Senate.  Moved by Black’s remarks, Trump lauded him. “I don’t know if you’re Democrat or Republican, but I’m appointing you for another year. The hell with it.”

‘The hell with it’?  And you’re actually ok with him?  You are a great mystery to me.  Explain yourselves.  Explain how you manage to disconnect your Christianity (ok, supposed Christianity) from your politics.  How?  Just how?