The Annoying Story of an Order From the German Bible Society

Last November I ordered a second copy of the Lutherbibel 2017.  The German Bible Society received the order, and the payment, and shipped the Bible on 23 December.

Unfortunately they sent it by DHL, which says it has been handed over to the USPS whilst the USPS says it has never received the package from DHL.

No Bible has arrived.  No one knows where the box is.  Everyone says someone else has it.  And all of them say there’s nothing they can do about it.

So I’m left annoyed.  And very disappointed.

At any rate, perhaps ordering from the German Bible Society for deliveries by DHL isn’t a very good idea.  Unless one enjoys frustration.

UPDATE-  DHL tweets

@drjewest Sorry, due to a Lufthansa strike we had to transport by ship in December/January. That still causes delays. Please be patient.