2 in 5 Churches Should Shut Down Because They Think The Super Bowl Matters More Than Worship

Why? Because 2 in 5 Churches Will Adjust Activities for Super Bowl Sunday.

Almost a quarter of pastors (24%) say they change things to include watching the game. Another 12 percent adjust their Sunday night plans in other ways.  Only 5 percent of churches that normally have activities on Sunday evenings plan to cancel those entirely.

24% is nearly 1/4th of Pastors.  And that’s absurd and evil.  Adjusting services?  For a game?  Don’t they understand the impropriety?  Are there no theologians among them to point out the problem with exalting a game above God?

Pastors of churches with fewer than 100 in attendance are more likely to continue as normal on Super Bowl Sunday night. Almost 7 in 10 said their church’s activities would go on as usual (68%). Churches with 100 or more were split, with slightly more than half (52%) continuing as normal.

“The overall percentage continuing normal Sunday evening activities is driven by smaller churches,” McConnell said.

Pastors in the Northeast (53%) and Midwest (51%) are less likely to continue normal Sunday night services than those in the South (65%). Those in the Northeast (18%) are also twice as likely to say they plan to adjust Sunday night activities in other ways than pastors in the South (9%).

There is also an age gap. Pastors 65 and older are the most likely to say they are continuing with normal Sunday night activities (75%), and the least likely to say they plan to make adjustments to include watching the game (11%).

Meanwhile, pastors 18 to 44 are more likely to cancel Sunday night activities (8%) compared to those 65 and older (2%).

Some denominations are more likely to continue as normal. The majority of Church of Christ (78%), Baptist (65%), and Pentecostal (65%) pastors say they will have regular activities. Less than half of Lutheran (41%) and Methodist (34%) pastors say the same.

If you cancel your services for a ballgame, you should cancel every service forever.  And if you adjust your schedule, you should do the same thing.  You’ve ceased to be a Church.