The Depravity of the Day is Proven By the Fact That Such A Thing Even Needs to Be Said…

But it does, so here it is:

To be clear, there are no such things as alternative facts. There are truths and lies. Alternative facts are the latter. Period.

One thought on “The Depravity of the Day is Proven By the Fact That Such A Thing Even Needs to Be Said…

  1. Milton Almeida - The Grace Ambassador 26 Jan 2017 at 3:54 pm

    Politicians of all hues are devising new ways to deceive all the time and sadly, for an extra slice of tomato in one’s salad, they are continually voting for them. In Brazil they say: It is not that a politician turned corrupt after he took office; is that the people voted for a corrupt person to be a politician.
    Alternative facts may sound “cool” but they are a lie. Also something journalists call “paltering” defined in a few articles as speaking a de-contextualized truth with the intent to mislead, used by so many politicians when they exalt their accomplishments, truthful mathematically, but excluding the part that devalues said accomplishments, such as the “creation of 6,5 million ;jobs, or there were no foreign enemy attacks in the USA during my administration” all truth but leaving out that many that were taken off the job market count, jobs created were low paying, often part-time jobs,, or that the attacks we had were on behalf of a foreign organization perpetrated by “casually” or “conveniently” American citizens, which amount to the same thing as being directly attacked by a foreign organization, respectively, thus, again, truths but uttered intentionally to mislead. These are a proof of the total depravity that may abide in men and women that not merely became liars and corrupt people after they took office, but their hearts were indeed perverted and depraved. Truth is truth and a lie is a lie no matter the nuance, shade, or tincture they may decorate a statement!
    We, as Christians, should identify these lies from whatever source, including those sources that we tend to support, and expose them in obedience to the Apostolic command recorded in Ephesians 5:11, which, pardon the self-righteousness, was the verse that made me forego my voting rights and sit out the election this past election cycle.


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