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Trump’s Team Admits Russian Connection and Conversation

The man tapped to be national security adviser to President-elect Trump, Gen. Michael Flynn, exchanged text messages and spoke with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak in December around the time of the Obama administration’s response to Russian interference during the presidential campaign, a spokesman for President-elect Donald Trump acknowledged Friday.

This is treason.

But Sean Spicer, the spokesman and incoming White House press secretary, insisted all of this contact happened before President Obama announced the retaliation, and, as a result, Obama’s move to expel 35 Russian diplomats wasn’t a topic of conversation.

This came in response to a Washington Post column from David Ignatius that raised serious questions about contact between Flynn and the ambassador. In the column, Ignatius writes he was told by a “senior U.S. government official” that Flynn had called the ambassador several times on the day of Obama’s action. Ignatius then asks:

“What did Flynn say, and did it undercut the U.S. sanctions? The Logan Act (though never enforced) bars U.S. citizens from correspondence intending to influence a foreign government about ‘disputes’ with the United States. Was its spirit violated?”

And it comes in a week in which the focus on Russia and President-elect Trump’s relationship with the country has been front an center.

Treasonous Trump.  Spicer is a liar and cannot be trusted and neither can Treasonous Trump.

Written by Jim

13 Jan 2017 at 2:28 pm

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