Trump’s Inauguration Prayer…

I’ve been commissioned to write the invocation at the inauguration:

“O holy Mammon, we dedicate ourselves to Thee. Thou hast made rich the few and inspired the many with desire for Thee. Our rulers have sacrificed their true worth for Thee; religious leaders are devoted to Thee while professing empty devotion to other gods. Thou art our strength; in economic prosperity is our refuge. In guilt and woe we lament our attachment to compassion and charity. Have mercy on us, o Mammon, and forgive our inclination to use wealth as a means to help those in need. Lo a mighty Tower is now built to Thee, emblazoned in gold, wherein sits Thy chief minister. Guide us, o powerful Mammon, and be our god. We are your people. Amen.”

Via a facebook friend.

One thought on “Trump’s Inauguration Prayer…

  1. Mark Simons 9 Jan 2017 at 10:24 am

    Do you really think Trump will be a deviation from past presidents in his policies/attitude on wealth?
    I don’t. He will be just as terrible as past presidents.


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