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The Presidential Address, #SOTS2017

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SOTS 2017 Reception and Dinner

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The Fun Begins, and Room Shots Too

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Art and the Reformation

The Getty Research Institute presents a two-day international scholarly colloquium featuring new discoveries and insights into art and the Reformation. The program is organized in cooperation with colleagues from the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, and the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen München on the occasion of the exhibition Renaissance and Reformation: German Art in the Age of Dürer and Cranach, on view at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  For more information about the event visit the website

Via Randall Zachman

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Funeral Arrangements for Giovanni Garbini

I funerali di Giovanni Garbini saranno celebrati domani mattina 4 gennaio alle 9, a Roma, presso la chiesa di S. Camillo in via Sallustiana 24.

Via Chiara Peri.

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Sitting Here and Thinking about Giovanni Garbini…

I can’t help but remember all his excellent volumes.  His contributions to the history of the Ancient Near East and its languages is unsurpassed.  So sad.  And yet so glad that we managed to get his Festschrift to him in time for him to enjoy it.


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With Time to Kill…

I took the bus back into Nottingham- hoping the fresh air would help me feel a little better (I have a cold).  Here are some shots from there from the bus and then back at the hall with others waiting to get rooms.

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Around the SOTS Venue

I’ve made it to Cripps Hall but can’t get the room key till 3.  So I have some time to kill.  Here are some photos to while away the moments.

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The New ‘Homeschooler’ Bus by Ford

In an attempt to corner the market on families that choose to homeschool their children, Ford Motor Company announced Monday its new upcoming line of 40-passenger vans.

Christened “The Homeschooler,” the flagship model seats 40 passengers and a driver, and includes fun entertainment for the kids, like Latin workbooks and classical Greek epic poems tucked right into the backs of the seats.

“We found that many homeschooling families were taking two or three of our twelve- or fifteen-passenger models to church,” a Ford representative said Monday. “This new model will allow the whole family to make the trip to homeschool co-op meetings, AWANA nights, and Sunday services all together in one vehicle.”

Options for the line of vans will include a pre-installed Chronicles of Narnia DVD playing on a continuous loop, a real-time ClearPlay system that replaces any foul language with a suitable alternative, and an in-floor storage system designed to stow up to eight strollers at once. Certain models will even come with safety features like alarms that begin blaring if a wayward child brings a soda on board the van, or if the system detects the presence of a kid who has been vaccinated.

According to Ford, all versions of the hot new line of homeschool-centered vans will ship with an “In case of rapture, this car will be unmanned” warning sticker on the bumper when 2018 models begin rolling out of the factory this fall.

They’ll sell thousands.

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