Around and About

Today is a day devoted to visiting various sights around Nottingham.  Photos will appear at various stages or, in all likelihood, when I return to the room for the evening.  In the meanwhile, if you want something to do, get yourself a copy of the Commentary.  Or, if you prefer, copies of my little Zwingli collection.

As to the commentary, you can buy the PDF’s from yours truly for a paltry $199 by clicking my PayPal Link.  It’s that simple.  The Commentary is comprised of 42 individual volumes and all together are available in electronic format for $199. But not everyone is interested in every book of the Bible so after having received a number of requests for individual volumes in the series I’ve decided to offer any single volume for $5.

As to Zwingli,   I’m offering the PDFs of the intro to Zwingli AND the Devotional for $15.  Get them both and learn about Zwingli and become more spiritual at the same time!  Follow the Paypal link and the PDFs will be sent straightaway. And if you do, you’ll also have the opportunity to get the Commentary for $100 (that’s half off).  So for $115 you get two books about Zwingli and a Commentary on the Bible.  Match that anywhere!  Here’s the Paypal link for the Zwingli books + the Commentary.