Yeah That Pretty Much Sums it Up

The leather-bound Bible owned by local man Kurt Ryder for over ten years reported Sunday that it was “super pumped” to participate in Ryder’s resolution to read his Bible every day, until he inevitably shelves it in the latter half of the first week of January, sources confirmed.

“It’s such an honor to open my sacred pages to Ryder, so he can get through around a quarter of Genesis before abandoning his attempt to read through me,” the Bible said in a statement. “Our time together is precious—I wait almost twelve months for this week every year.”

“Any second now. It’s devo time!” it added.

The printing of the Scriptures also stated it was hopeful that Ryder would make it all the way to Exodus this year.

“I have a feeling this year’s going to be special. I don’t want to jinx it, but we could even sniff Leviticus,” the Scriptures said excitedly, though it admitted that Ryder’s making it through the third book of the Pentateuch would be a “pipe dream.”

Don’t let your Bible be sad.

The Last Evening as Tourist

SOTS commences tomorrow and with the full schedule it offers there won’t be any time for touristy stuff.  So I went around the city Center again, had a nice dinner, picked up some Thornton’s for the kiddo, and now I’m holed up in the room watching BBC1.

The real fun starts tomorrow.  More anon.

Around and About

Today is a day devoted to visiting various sights around Nottingham.  Photos will appear at various stages or, in all likelihood, when I return to the room for the evening.  In the meanwhile, if you want something to do, get yourself a copy of the Commentary.  Or, if you prefer, copies of my little Zwingli collection.

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