A New Excavation: A Note From Israel Finkelstein

Dear friends,

A new excavation is about to commence at the site of biblical Kiriath-jearim near Jerusalem. The first season will take place in August 2017. The dig is a joint project of Tel Aviv University and the College de France. It will be led by Christophe Nicolle, Thomas Romer and me.

I am attaching a flyer which describes the project. We would be grateful if you could print it and post it on the board of your department, post it on the website of your department, or simply circulate it among your students. We are looking for students to join us, with preference to graduate students. We promise an interesting academic program, with the three of us giving lectures. Students who want more information should go to our website, at https://kiriathjearim.wordpress.com/ The registration forms can also be found there.

Many thanks in advance and best wishes for a happy 2017,


Israel Finkelstein
Institute of Archaeology
Tel Aviv University