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I Guess ‘Compromise Church’ Would Have Been Too Obvious

Even though that’s what it is what with its ridiculous ‘cutesy’ name, seeker sensitive preaching, store-front positioned for commercial appeal product placement location, and Christ denying Christmas closure.

Truth is, these Christmas day closing churches are instruments of antichrist.  They are, in fact, anti Christ.  Their members should feel shame, not pride.

Trump is No King

That is all.

Julius Wellhausen Says…

To most Americans-


Dear Wrightians…


Dear Barthians…


Signs of the Times

Let the reader understand…


Christmas in Isolation

A friend of mine in Britain who has a very young son who has battled brain cancer wrote this on his Facebook page and I felt like sharing it, with his permission.  It gives the day a much needed perspectival adjustment I think.  He writes

Now finishing our fourth day here, today I spent Christmas in the hospital with my biggest little boy, Amos. It was not where either of us wanted to be. We did not wake up in our own beds. Did not have hot meals. Did not light candles or eat cookies. Did not sing carols with family or friends, and did not enjoy rest or worship. We did not even see the sun. We are literally in isolation – for medical reasons, that in fact feel cosmic. Instead of these ordinary things of Christmas, today we fought.

We fought a second lung infection in three weeks. Fought a virus that’s been lingering for almost as long. Fought down medicine by mouth and IV. Fought up congestion. And Amos and I fought off the dark of illness and loneliness together; thank you to those who helped us.

Today we fought to celebrate in meagre ways – with a song, a craft, a prayer – the eternal consequences of God becoming a child, one subject to the contingencies of this fallen creation. We fought to remember that our fight is now won in Him, our great physician and the redeemer of bodies and souls. #maranatha #noel

Pray for Amos, won’t you?  And his family- his mom and dad and little brother.

Trump’s Christmas


Unheilige Jugend

Children playing

Mit jeder Generation, die nachrückt, geht ein Stück des christlichen Erbes verloren. Wissen Kinder in fünfzig Jahren noch, wofür Weihnachten steht? Vieles spricht dagegen.

Read it and weep.

But Of Course There Are the Memes…


My Favorite Portrayal of the Nativity

Albrecht Dürer’s-