I Could Only Read the First Two Letters and Then I Couldn’t Stop Laughing at the Presumption and Supposition

24 Dec


One of my dear Professors in college had the habit of calling most Sunday School classes a ‘pooling of ignorance’.  He was a bit of an elitist I suppose.  But he wasn’t wrong.  When people who oftentimes don’t know anything about the Bible sit around and discuss it, it can be both annoying and amusing.

This series of letters to BAR is a pooling of ignorance too.  To watch the writers ramble on and on, at great length and with such conviction and assurance about a matter for which there is scarcely a gnat’s volume of historical information is both annoying and amusing.

So, to the pool of ignorants, might I just point out one simple truth- we don’t know the year of Herod’s death or Jesus’s birth.  Period.  Your convictions to the contrary notwithstanding.

By the by, honesty is the best policy.  If someone asks when Herod died or when Jesus was born the best you can say is ‘I don’t know’.

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Posted by on 24/12/2016 in Biblical Studies Resources


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