The Latest Issue of JBL is Out…

  • Expanding Ecological Hermeneutics: The Case for Ecolonialism, Tina Dykesteen Nilsen and Anna Rebecca Solevåg, abstract
  • A Study in Scarlet: The Physiology and Treatment of Blood, Breath, and Fish in Ancient Israel, Richard Whitekettle, abstract
  • The Ground That Opened Its Mouth: The Ground’s Response to Human Violence in Genesis 4, Mari Jørstad, abstract
  • Different Dreams: Two Models of Interpretation for Three Pairs of Dreams (Genesis 37–50), Jonathan Grossman, abstract
  • The Poles of the Ark: On the Ins and Outs of a Textual Contradiction
    Raanan Eichler
  • Sing Me a Parable of Zion: Isaiah’s Vineyard (5:1–7) and Its Relation to the “Daughter Zion” Tradition, Rebecca W. Poe Hays, abstract
  • Walk, Don’t Run: Jesus’s Water Walking Is Unparalleled in Greco-Roman Mythology, Brian D. McPhee, abstract
  • Cruciform Discipleship: The Narrative Function of the Women in Mark 15–16 , Jeffrey W. Aernie, abstract
  • What Is Opened in Luke 24:45, the Mind or the Scriptures? , Joshua L. Mann, abstract
  • Acts 9:1–9, 22:6–11, 26:12–18: Paul and Ezekiel , Dale C. Allison Jr., abstract
  • [Gune tou Patros]: Analytic Kin Circumlocution and the Case for Corinthian Adultery, Joshua M. Reno, abstract
  • An Armenian Fragment of the Gospel of Mark in the Erkat‘agir Script: With a Note on Its Codicological Reconstruction, Alin Suciu, abstract
  • The Apocalypse in Codex Alexandrinus: Exegetical Reasoning and Singular Readings in New Testament Greek Manuscripts, Garrick V. Allen, abstract

And people say biblical scholarship is irrelevant….