Today With Zwingli: Departure from Einsiedeln

S. Jackson writes

zwingliOn Sunday, December 19th, at Glarus, he laid down his office as pastor there [in Glarus], and at the same time nominated as his successor his former pupil, Valentine Tschudi. His place at Einsiedeln was given to another friend, on his recommendation—Leo Jud, to whom he wrote thus [on 17 December] concerning the charge: “The people over whom you are to be placed are single-minded and willingly hear Christ preached unto them, even by me as forerunner; the provision is ample, and the administrator [Diebold von Geroldseck] is a man of fair learning, himself most eager for it, and, above all, a lover of the learned.”

zwingliThe chief ruler and the council of the canton of Schwyz, in which Einsiedeln is located, politely expressed regret at his leaving the canton, but congratulated him upon his promotion, and then improved the opportunity to solicit his influence for a protégé of theirs!  All the preliminaries being arranged, Zwingli came to Zurich upon St. John the Evangelist’s day, which was that year on Monday, December 27th, and took up his temporary abode at the Hermit Hotel, which was at the southern angle of the city wall. He was well and honourably received, although there were many in Zurich not altogether favourable to him.  The news of his election naturally occasioned many congratulations from his friends and correspondents.*

Einsiedeln really is a brilliantly lovely place. When you’re next in Zurich, grab a train and head over. There’s loads to see- including a stunning library containing first edition 16th century and later volumes. Or, as I called it while there, heaven.

Here are some photos I took in Einsiedeln in 2014 during the Calvin Conference in Zurich:

*S. Jackson, Huldreich Zwingli: The Reformer of German Switzerland (1484–1531) (pp. 119–121).

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