#ICYMI – SBL Annual Meeting Call For Papers

The call is shortly to be issued so I thought I would be a blessing and make a few suggestions for sure winners (and don’t worry about actual content- it’s the title that matters – all the rest is slaughterhouse filler).

1 – The limitless Liminality of Goodacre’s View of Empire in Q and its Reception.

2 – The Empire Strikes Back: Limits and liminality of religion in Star Trek- Jabba the Hut and his Empire.

3- Examining Empire in Epiphanes of Epaphrodite: Examples from Reception History.

4- Obsequious Obscurity in Atheist Liminal Empire Reception Exegeses: Ee I Ee I O.

5- The Reception of Doug Campbell’s Turtleneck As Metaphor of his Neckless Necklace Liminality Theory Random Out of Context Eisegetical Nonsense: a Reappraisal.

6 – The Empire of Wright on the Isle of Man: Encoded Meaning in Wright’s Misappropriation of Paul With Special Emphasis on His Purple Shirt and pointy hat As Symbols of Emasculation and Liminality.

And finally

7- Joel Watts, Chris Tilling, Jeremy Thompson, and Satan: Reception, Destruction, Evisceration, and Excrement: the Modern Usurpation of Scholarship by Liminality and the Dark Empire of the Incontinent and Impotent.

You’re welcome, and happy #SBLaar17.