Dear Churches Cancelling Christmas Morning Services…

Stop it.  You aren’t doing it for ‘the family’ you’re doing it because you don’t think people will attend.  But by doing so, not only are you committing idolatry (by placing ‘the family’ above God), you are also betraying the very reason you exist: to glorify God.

So stop it.

If people attend, they attend.  If they don’t, they don’t.  That isn’t your concern.  Your concern is providing your community with the opportunity to worship the Lord God Almighty.  That is your chief end and only true aim.  Everything else you do flows from it and without it nothing else you do matters.

Stop pandering to the uncommitted and instead offer the authentically committed, the authentically Christian, what they crave- the presence of God in the community of believers.  Any other decision in the matter is sinful.