Reformation Thursday

“By a carpenter mankind was made and only by a carpenter can mankind be remade” —Desiderius Erasmus

Read the essay here.  You’ll enjoy it.

Another reformer Martin Chemnitz writes, “For Christ, both God and man, must lay hold on us in order that there may be a union between him and us.” This leaves me dumbstruck! Not only must the Lord seek me, because I couldn’t seek Him and didn’t really want to anyway, but also, now that He’s got His hands on me, He has absolutely no intention of ever letting go.

Underground Protestantism in Sixteenth Century Spain: A Much Ignored Side of Spanish History

9783525551103All the details of this new volume are here.

Spain and the Reformation seems an awkward combination. Spain retains the image to be a thoroughly Catholic country, where the Reformation never had the opportunity to set foot at. Frances Luttikhuizen points to another direction. He shows that their was a protestant church on this part of the Iberic, but that it was concealed for the outside. Luttikhuizen explains, reveals and concludes that this much ignored page in the history books of Spain is relevant for the understanding of the Reformation worldwide.

The Bee Stings the Non-Givers

On the mark, Bee.

After waiting for several anxious days to receive the results of his spiritual gift test, local man Trent Shepherd was reportedly relieved to find the definitive test had returned negative results for the gifts of mercy, compassion, and giving, sources confirmed.

The test, consisting of 350 questions designed to discern what spiritual gifts a person might have been given by the Holy Spirit upon conversion, was administered Sunday at Shepherd’s church, with results being mailed to church members later that week.

According to sources, Shepherd ripped open his results packet Thursday, and after nervously perusing the cover letter, jumped for joy upon discovering he had no desire or responsibility to be generous whatsoever.

“What a weight off my chest,” Shepherd told reporters. “I was really worried the exam was going to find that I had a supernatural, God-given knack for helping others and giving generously to those in need.”

“I’m really glad that I’m off the hook now,” he continued, adding that he will now be decreasing his usual offering amount and charity donations to “almost nothing” as a result of discovering his complete lack of spiritual-giftedness in the area of charitable giving.

At publishing time, sources were able to confirm Shepherd did score highly in several spiritual gift categories, including scathing criticism, bitter cynicism, and miserliness.

His name is Legion.

Carrier is Using its Multi Million Dollar Indiana Tax Break To Automate its Plants…

Meaning even fewer people will be working.  Boy, you Trump supporters are looking more and more foolish every day.

The Carrier company is using the $16.5 million investment in the Indiana plant to automate it, which will lead to more layoffs in the future. Do you have a plan to stop the job-killing effects of automation?

Earlier all had been told

“Trump’s deal will keep 730 union, production line jobs as well as 70 salaried positions in Indianapolis in exchange for $7 million in tax incentives over the next 10 years.”

Trump lied.  Behold, your king…

Does Google Empower Racists?

On the twitter-

Christopher Ingraham – @_cingraham – Everyone likes to make fun of @bing, but compare their results to @Google’s on this. Microsoft deserves a lot of credit for this.

And then take a look at the Google search phrase and first result-


And now Bing’s result


Which result tends to racism?  Google’s.  Ingraham is right- Microsoft deserves more credit than it often gets.  Maybe it’s time to change search engines.

New Issue of the ‘Journal of Early Modern Christianity’

De Gruyter and RefoRC are proud to announce volume 3, issue 2 of the Journal of Early Modern Christianity (JEMC). The journal contributes to interdisciplinary, interconfessional, and comparative research on Early Modern Christianity.

The new issue contains contributions of Marco Giardini, Emese Czintos, Antonio Gerace, Gábor Ittzés, and Hortal Muñoz, José Eloy.

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NACH GOTTES WORT REFORMIERT: Magazin zum Reformationsjubiläum

Nach Gottes Wort reformiert – Was heißt das? Was gibt es 2017 zu feiern? Anstöße zum eigenen Nachdenen und für Veranstaltungen in der Gemeinde vom Gottesdienst am Reformationstag 2017 bis zu reformierten Reisezielen gibt das Magazin zum Reformationsjubiläum.

Die 75-seitige Broschüre bietet über 25 Beiträge in der Gestalt von Text, Cartoon und Postkarte unter den Überschriften Reformation gestern und heute, Bekenntnis und Frömmigkeit, Ökumene, Historische Zusammenhänge und Praktisches.

An die Mitglieder des Reformierten Bundes wird das Magazin in diesen Tagen versandt. Ab Januar wird ein Teil der Beiträge auch online abrufbar sein.

Check out the table of contents!