Another Church That Has Lost the Plot, And Cancelled Services on Christmas

Appalling.  Reading through the excuses offered for their church cancelling services on Christmas Sunday is like reading the dreadful excuses of some teen who didn’t do the assignment and who wants to convince the teacher that she’s sharp anyway.

Churches are in a quandary this year, as Christmas falls on a Sunday. Because of the high amount of travel and family nature of this special day, churches are asking themselves: do we still have Sunday services on Christmas Day? The few blog posts I’ve read so far unequivocally say ‘yes,’ and either subliminally or outrightly dare anyone else to cross this imaginary line of heresy. I guess it makes some feel better to puff their chests and look down at the lesser than’s that caved to society and compromised the gospel by canceling services.

Well, here’s the counter argument. Here’s the other perspective. Here’s why our church is canceling services this Christmas day. It’s not because our theology is liberal (we’re more conservative than most). It’s not because our church is dying (we’ve baptized close to 50 people this year and we’re baptizing two more next Sunday). And it’s not just because it’s the rebellious thing to do. We are different, but we’re different on purpose. Here’s why we’re canceling services on Christmas day:

There is no ‘quandary’ and it isn’t a matter of feeling superior.  The fact is, your pathetic reasons for abandoning worship all indicate that God doesn’t matter to you as much as you would wish us to believe.  Each excuse is worse than the one before it and none of them display even a semblance of familiarity with Christian theology.

Churches deserve Pastors who are theologians, not cultural panderers or idol worshipers. If your church is saddled with one of the sort who actually ignores Scripture (‘Do not forsake the assembling of yourselves together’) and replaces it with ‘we want to be as pro family as possible’, fire them and get a theologian.