Dear Electoral College…

Please elect anyone but Donald Trump.  I don’t care if it’s Rubio or Clinton or Bob the Trained Monkey Dog.  Anyone is better than Trump and Trump is the worst of all possible choices.

Plus, we would all have the best time ever watching him and all his Trump-ettes literally choke themselves denouncing what they have so far embraced as the best thing for America’s democracy.  They love you when you’re on their side, but man would they hate you if you did your duty as imagined by the Founders and keep a madman who is utterly unfit for office out of The White House.

Do the right thing, Electors, and don’t elect the Tangerine Caligula.  He lost the popular vote by millions; he has mocked the disabled; he has mocked war heros; he has derided and violated women; he has cheated contractors;  he is an unbridled immoral reprobate; he has lied to the country and made ‘promises’ he has no intention of keeping; he is more of a friend to Russia than he is to America; he is a con artist and the highest office in the Country is too good for him and he is not good enough for it.

He is unworthy.  Deny him what he desires most so we can see him implode.