Do To Others … America, Russia, and Elections

A lot of Americans are very exercised over the suggestion that Russia meddled in our recent election.  The widespread handwringing would be amusing were it not so hypocritical.

Mind you, I dislike the notion that anyone interefere with the due process of democratic elections but I find it necessary to point out that America has meddled in the elections of other countries for a very long time and very few of us were concerned about those usurpations of the democratic process.

Our country has propped up vile dictators all around the world while simultaneously silencing the voices of the people.  So now that there’s just a suggestion that it has been done to us all of a sudden we care?  Why didn’t we care before?

Perhaps if we don’t want our elections toyed with we should stop doing it to others.  Or, barring that, at least drop the act of pretend moral outrage when someone does it to us.  If you aren’t upset when you do it, you aren’t allowed to be upset when it’s done to you.