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Le Monde de la Bible- The Historical Jesus Quiz

Take it here.  I got 8 out of 10.  Missed the one on the Quran.  And the last one… which I must not have correctly apprehended….  you’ll see what I mean.

End Time Predicting Lunatics

A conspiracy theorist has claimed that Jesus will return to Earth this month, guiding his people to heaven and leaving the planet totally sterile for 1,000 years.  Nora Roth, a Christian computer programmer, says she has performed complex calculations which suggest the apocalypse will occur by the end of 2016.  At that point, ‘everlasting righteousness will be brought in’, and Earth will be ‘left to rest’ for a millennium.

Shut up.  Bloody dilettantes.  This is clearly a woman who should ‘keep silent in the Church’.

The claims have been made on Ms Roth’s website, MarkBeast, in a post called ‘2016 The Time of the End.’  Ms Roth writes: ‘In the fall [autumn] of 2016, the 6,000 years of sin on earth will come to an end, everlasting righteousness will be brought in, and Jesus will come again to take His people to heaven.’

Shut up.  Bloody dilettantes.

Learning the Faith Through the Heidelberg Catechism- Part 3

Question 3. Whence knowest thou thy misery?

Answer: Out of the law of God. (a)

(a) Rom.3:20 Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin.

AAR Cash

According to Guidestar, the folk who watch the financial doings of non profits and charities, AAR grossed over $3 million in 2013, but gave back to the profession but $23,000 to 23 people.

Where did the rest go?  Perhaps the people of AAR should be asking that.

SBL Just Emailed, Reminding Me To Print My Annual Meeting Name Badge…





The Bee Stings the Complementarians

Bravo, Bee.  Bravo.

Talk about breaking the glass ceiling: leaders at Bethlehem Evangelical Free Church announced last week their new policy allowing women to give announcements in church, “so long as they don’t do so in an authoritative fashion.”

The first woman to take advantage of the new policy, Heather Donnelly, made history by giving her non-authoritative “announcement suggestions” Sunday morning: “I just want to share what’s on my heart about next week’s potluck, if that’s okay,” Donnelly reportedly began, as church elders sat behind her on the stage, nodding approvingly.

Etc.  All to the tune of ‘This is really how absurd they are, you know’.

Luther Relics…. Geesh… Really?


SECSOR Registration is Now Open

The 2017 SECSOR Annual Meeting will be held March 3-5 at the Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley in Raleigh, North Carolina. Click here to register.

See you there!


The Real St. Nick…

Would punch you in the face if you were a heretic, like Arius, and Servetus, and no doubt Wesley, and TD Jakes, and Joel Osteen, and Joyce Meyer, and just about each and every Pentebabbleist that has ever lived.  Nick wasn’t fond of heretics.

He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice, he’s gonna punch your face if you’re heretical.


The Saxon’s Tweet…

🎊 Uuuund wir sind online: martinluther.de, komplett neu gestaltet und grundlegend überarbeitet! 🎊 #Relaunch

Check it out.