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The Bee Stings, and Scorches, All The Precious Rachel Held Evans-ettes

Shelby Adamson, a sophomore in Civil Engineering at The Georgia Institute of Technology, confirmed today that she had reached the exact level of embarrassment over her Christian faith to meet the approval of her non-believing friends. Adamson explained to sources how … Continue reading

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The Unutterable Hypocrisy of Christian Fundamentalist Pentebabblers

Whenever a politician adopts a policy the Fundamentalists, like Jim Bakker and Pat Robertson, disagree with and some disaster befalls (or doesn’t), those Fundamentalist Pentebabblers are quick to call it the judgment of God. I wonder why the Pat Robertson’s … Continue reading

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Sad News: Duncan Forrester has Died

Via Paul Middleton- Hearing the very sad news that the Rev Prof. Duncan Forrester, Emeritus Professor at New College, Edinburgh has died. He was a fine theologian, and a very gracious man. He was the founder of the Centre for … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings the Preteen Church Prowler

Local junior higher Bobby Reinke reported Wednesday that he is still attending both “big church” and youth group in an attempt to begin some kind of personal relationship with “cute” fellow eighth grader Jenny Wilson.  Reinke, sitting with his parents … Continue reading

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Cities of the Reformation

Zürich heute – hier wohnen und arbeiten Menschen aus aller Welt. Zürich, vor 500 Jahren – zwar viel kleiner, aber ebenso lebendig. Die Menschen leiden unter den Abgaben an Kirchen und Klöster, das Söldnerwesen bringt Reichtum und Dekadenz. Da wendet … Continue reading

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A Previously Unknown Roman Governor of Judah Discovered: Marco Paccius

Antonio writes Era stato in carica durante la Rivolta di bar Kokhba (132-135 d.C.). Il reperto è stato rinvenuto in mare, al largo di Tel Dor. L’iscrizione decifrata recita «… la città di Dor rende onore a Marco Paccius, figlio … Continue reading

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Biblical Aramaic: A Reader & Handbook

Whilst at SBL in San Antonio the nice folk at Hendrickson handed off a copy of their brand new Biblical Aramaic: A Reader & Handbook for perusal and examination. Biblical Aramaic: A Reader & Handbook is a “one-stop shop” for anyone … Continue reading

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The Official Biblical Studies Carnival Posts at Midnight Plus One Minute Tonight

Stay tuned!

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Bultmann Says…

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Zwingli in the News

Zwei Bücher über Huldrych Zwingli von Peter Opitz und Franz Rueb porträrieren den Zürcher Reformator mit verschiedenen Farbakzenten – und ergänzen einander. The book by Opitz is fantastic.  I can’t vouch for Rueb’s, since I’ve not read it.  Do take … Continue reading

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