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So, Betsy DeVos….

Is as qualified for her job as 99.99999% of the people who talk about the Bible are to talk about the Bible…


I.e, she’s a dilettante. Anathema sint.

Quote of The Day

Early Modern laypeople were less interested in theological doctrines and confessional distinctions than maintaining a set of beliefs, practices and values that helped them give meaning to and cope with the joys and hardships of life emotionally, intellectually and practically. – Päivi Räisänen-Schröder

Reformation Thursday

It’s Thanksgiving themed!  

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love the food, I love football, I love crisp autumn days, and it has always been the time when my whole extended family gathers even if they can’t get together at any other time of the year. 


Giving Thanks Even in the Worst of Times

God has such a disposition towards us in Christ such that even in our afflictions we have large occasion of thanksgiving. For what is fitter or more suitable for pacifying us, than when we learn that God embraces us in Christ so tenderly, that he turns to our advantage and welfare everything that befalls us? Let us, therefore, bear in mind, that this is a special remedy for correcting our impatience—to turn away our eyes from beholding present evils that torment us, and to direct our views to a consideration of a different nature—how God views us in Christ. — John Calvin

Right Doctrine Leads to the Giving of Thanks

bullingerSincere doctrine directly leads us to Christ. Prayer invokes praise and the giving of thanks in the name of Christ. The sacraments do serve to seal and represent to us the mysteries of Christ. And the works of faith are done of duty, although also of free accord; because we are created for good works. Yes, through Christ alone they do please and are acceptable to God the Father; for he is the vine, we are the branches. So all glory is reserved untouched to Christ alone which is the surest way to know the true gospel. — Heinrich Bullinger

Where there is no right doctrine there is no prayer, no sacraments, no works, no Christ, no Gospel.  The Emergents and Seekers and their claims to the contrary Anathema sint.  Bullinger and the other Reformers knew more truth in two brain cells than the Emergents and Seekers and their Millennial toady ilk know in their entire collective consciousness.

Frauen der Reformationszeit: Gelehrt, mutig und glaubensfest

9783525550120Passend zur Reformationsdekade vermittelt …in diesem Buch, in dem Frauen der Reformationszeit in ihrem Leben und Werk porträtiert werden, den weiblichen Einfluss auf die Reformation in Deutschland. Sie schreibt kenntnisreich und verständlich. Gerade die frühe Reformationszeit stärkte durch die Betonung des Schriftprinzips, die Übersetzung der Bibel ins Deutsche sowie die Wertschätzung jedes Gläubigen vor Gott (»Priestertum aller Gläubigen«) das Selbstbewusstsein vieler Frauen. So fühlten sich nicht wenige berufen, aktiv durch eigene Publikationen in die Auseinandersetzungen der Reformationszeit einzugreifen und die inferiore Stellung der Frau zu bekämpfen.

Das Buch soll durch die biographischen Stationen sowie die Würdigung des theologischen und schriftstellerischen Wirkens exemplarischer Frauen (Elisabeth von Calenberg-Göttingen, Argula von Grumbach, Ursula Weyda, Elisabeth Cruciger, Wibrandis Rosenblatt, Katharina Zell, Olympia Fulvia Morata, Ursula von Münsterberg) zu Beginn der Neuzeit deutlich machen, dass es bereits vor 500 Jahren Aufbrüche zu einer Gleichberechtigung von Frauen in Kirche und Gesellschaft gegeben hat. Nach der Darstellung der einzelnen Biographien setzt sich die Autorin mit dem Frauenbild Martin Luthers auseinander.

Konzipiert ist das Buch als eine exemplarische Darstellung des theologischen, politischen und gesellschaftlichen Wirkens von Frauen in der Reformationszeit und als ein spezifischer Beitrag zur Reformationsdekade.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy-ThanksgivingMake music for Yahweh, all you who are faithful to him, praise his unforgettable holiness. His anger lasts but a moment, his favour through life; In the evening come tears, but with dawn cries of joy. … Listen, Yahweh, take pity on me, Yahweh, be my help! You have turned my mourning into dancing, you have stripped off my sackcloth and clothed me with joy. So my heart will sing to you unceasingly, Yahweh, my God, I shall praise you for ever. (Ps. 30:4-5, 10-12)