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Why Are These Extremely Uninsightful ‘Theologians’ Famous?

This is idiocy- No, what makes you a Christian is Jesus.  If you don’t know that, you don’t know anything worth knowing.  Why are you famous?

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Karl Barth Would Completely Agree…

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The 4 Volume ‘Dictionary of Daily Life in Biblical & Post-Biblical Antiquity’

The Dictionary of Daily Life in Biblical & Post-Biblical Antiquity is a unique reference work that provides background cultural and technical information on the world of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament from 2000 BC to approximately AD 600. The … Continue reading

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The Newest Issue of Christian History Magazine

This one’s on Calvin and Councils.

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The Discovery of a 3800 Year old Statuette in Israel

I’m thinking it’s the ‘Thinking Man’… Mi riferisco alle parole di Gilad Itach, capo della missione archeologica che, a Yehud, ha rinvenuto una statuina di argilla che raffigura quello che sembra essere un pensatore. Un uomo assorto nei suoi pensieri. … Continue reading

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Go FC Basel!

For the win in today’s UEFA Champion’s League match-

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