Trump’s Next Scam

Trump clearly has some scam in mind to bilk taxpayers for housing Melania outside the Whitehouse. He’s a professional con artist, conning the gullible public.

2 thoughts on “Trump’s Next Scam

  1. You may be reading the same sources that told you that Hillary had a comfortable lead in the electoral college… Melania chose to live closer to Barron’s school so he can finish school wherever he started. A mother concerned with the education of her child, who abandons the pomposity and glamour of the White House in order to achieve that goal should be an example for Christians and not target of criticism. As to her husband, we may say whatever we may, but he vows not take any salary but 1 dollar per year, merely because he is compelled by law to take at least 1 dollar, is not the trait of someone who is trying to bilk the tax payer; at least in my book.
    I am not a supporter of Trump; but I am open to see things and not allow being blinded by my disgust of him and what the media will say about him. If he does not fulfill his promises, as this far he made abundantly clear that he won’t (prosecute Hillary, build the wall, etc.), then I will criticize him sharply for that and that alone… any additions will only discredit my opinion. As someone wisely said “believing every bat thing about Trump is as harmful (to one’s credibility) as denying every bad thing about Trump.


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