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Pope Francis Deems the 10 Commandments to be too Rigid

So reports the Eye of the Tiber.  Surely the modern Church must abandon such strict ‘suggestions’…

Quote of the Day

The Central Problem of Modern Life: An Observation

The central problem of modern life is the refusal of people to call things what they actually are and not what they imagine or wish them to be.

Why is Infant Baptism Improper?

There’s one basic fact which eviscerates every claim to its propriety:  the New Covenant is not a covenant of the flesh (like circumcision) which can be imposed on a passive recipient without that recipient’s agreement; it is a covenant of the heart, demanding and requiring the heart’s full agreement.

Given that one simple truth, infant baptism is rendered illegitimate on its very face since it bypasses the active agreement of the heart of the infant.

The Oxford Comma’s Importance Illustrated


Jim Bakker: Spewing that Old Pentebabbleist Nonsense, Again

You would have thought Bakker had learned better than to presume that he spoke for God when he was convicted of fraud.  And here he is, again, committing fraud by fraudulently speaking for God things God has never said to him.

Last week, televangelist Jim Bakker reacted to the presidential election results by prophesying that God will punish people who live in counties that voted for Hillary Clinton.

Bakker pointed to a map that showed the results of the election by county and said that “if you live in the blue—any spot that’s blue—I would say, ‘Oh God, help me. Oh God forgive me.’ Because those are the ones who came against the will of God in this election.”

“I just want to tell you, God has spoken to me, I’ve seen under the ground in California, in LA, and God spoke to me that in Los Angeles alone there is going to be such an earthquake come that literally the big buildings will be laying on their sides, all of LA is going to collapse,” he added.


The Bee Stings the Christian Post’s Ad Festooning…

Very much like Patheos hosted blogs-

ChristianPost.com, the flagship website of The Christian Post, has finally completed its 12-year transition to a content-free, advertisement-only user experience, William C. Anderson, Publisher and CEO of the Christian news source announced Thursday.

“The completion of this decade-long shift is indicative of The Christian Post‘s commitment to serving up exactly what our customers have come to expect from us: ads, ads, and more ads, without apology, subtlety, or any tact whatsoever,” Anderson explained to reporters.


Home From #SBLaar16

And, in a word, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.