Pope Francis- Abortion? Meh…

Francis has just granted all priests the authority to pardon any person who has an abortion, essentially declaring it to be the moral equivalent of stealing a chocolate bar.

Pope Franky… on abortion…  meh.  The pandering to culture pope may think this makes the Church stronger and more tolerant but instead it becomes less meaningful by the day under his lordship.

One thought on “Pope Francis- Abortion? Meh…

  1. CK

    I think that he is right. Until now, only people who are pretty high in the Catholic hierarchy could pardon women after an abortion. That is very remote from the women, who are, after an abortion, usually depressed and in need of support. A local priest is in a better position to help.

    It has, in my view, little to do with normalizing or accepting sin; it’s a recognition of the fact that no woman will have an abortion if she can avoid it, and that women are, after an abortion, in need of an accessible pastor, not a remote prelate.


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