It’s Hard Being an Introvert When Social Events Beckon…

I love hanging out in crowds about as much as I love crowds…..  That said, I do enjoy seeing people (individually) but group gatherings are really the most stressful awkward things I ever have to endure.

So I never stay long.  I just can’t.

So I went to the Reception, had a diet pepsi, chatted with a few people I knew, and yes, left.  I can’t interrupt folk when they’re socializing and at social events they’re socializing.  If I catch you when you first arrive it’s all good.  After that, nope.

So for me SBL concludes tonight.  I had a great time.  DV, next year in Boston.

Breakfast on the Last Full Day of SBL 2016

And ran into Mark Smith who very kindly gave me a copy of his recent book.

SBL Annual Meeting Posts

The Carnival (both Official and Avignonian) comes soon and of course the theme is organized around the annual meeting.  Accordingly, if you see posts relevant to the gathering please pass them along so I can include them.  Comments on the meeting, sessions attended, books that look good seen at the book hall, etc. are fair game.


Pope Francis- Abortion? Meh…

Francis has just granted all priests the authority to pardon any person who has an abortion, essentially declaring it to be the moral equivalent of stealing a chocolate bar.

Pope Franky… on abortion…  meh.  The pandering to culture pope may think this makes the Church stronger and more tolerant but instead it becomes less meaningful by the day under his lordship.