Daily Archives: 20 Nov 2016

Lunch and the Afternoon Sessions

Breakfast with Will and Jim, Morning Session on Jesus, and A Visit to the Books…

Breakfast was wonderfully enjoyable.  The paper by Crossley was good.  And a few more books were added to the collection (even though the terrible David Congdon got the last copy of the Bultmann book and I had to order it).

Next up, another run around the books to see folk (because that’s where you see folk) and then lunch with my longtime friend Philip Davies.

Judge John Primomo and Right Wing Hypocrisy

The judge has opined that people who don’t like Trump should leave the country.  Hypocrite.  These are the very sort who despised Clinton and Obama and yet never said such a thing about themselves. 

The rank and rancid despisers of decency and practitioners of racism and misogyny think their rules apply to others but not themselves.  Such hypocrisy sickens.

Alexander Rofe is on Academia.edu

You can read a number of his papers and follow him here.