Daily Archives: 19 Nov 2016

The End of Day 2

I love receptions!

Early Evening…

Ok so I’m getting a bit tired… and still have two receptions that I can’t miss (and don’t want to).  So, more photos later.  For now…

Lunch, Lightfoot, Books

First, I had lunch with Mike and Tim.  Then I went to the Lightfoot session- so very interesting.  Then I went back to see more books.  Now I’m taking a brief break before the next session and dinner.  And then receptions.

The Book Hall, And the People and Books You’ll See There at #SBLaar16

Me, Every Time An SBL Paper Mentions NT Wright…


First Full day of SBL 2016

Today features sessions on Lightfoot and the Historical Jesus along with breakfast, lunch, and dinner meetings and a reception or two (featuring chiefly the infamous Swiss University Reception).  Photos and more forthcoming later.

Oh, and how could I forget the book exhibit!  So, more anon.