Reformation Thursday 

This week’s entry discusses a bit of Calvin.  By a person who makes a very strange confession about Calvin.

I am a United Methodist pastor steeped in the tradition of John Wesley. Therefore, I am not supposed to like John Calvin. But I do. Here’s why.

Physically frail, bookish and painfully shy, Calvin nevertheless exercised strong pastoral leadership under very volatile circumstances. In other words, the guy had courage and I admire him for it. Geneva, which became the center of his work, was politically unstable and financially strapped. Having recently become Reformed, this city of 10,000 inhabitants lacked appropriately trained pastors. Calvin was called to Geneva in 1536 to supply the leadership, only to be booted from town in 1538, the victim of being on the wrong side of political infighting. And then, when called by some of the same people who had worked to have him ousted, he returned to Geneva in 1541 and stayed till his death in 1564.  

I didn’t even know Arminians knew who Calvin was!  Enjoy the whole piece.