Finally, A Book About Bonhoeffer That Doesn’t Make Me Want to Tear Off the Heads of Dolls, And Teddy Bears

Here’s the review by the gifted Lauren Larkin.

Bonhoeffer is not a weapon to be wielded in our contemporary political battles. His life and his thought affirm neither mainstream American liberal politics nor mainstream American conservative politics (and especially not evangelical conservative politics). Rather, his life and his thought is that splash in the face of very cold water that jerks us back into reality, causing us to look around and ask questions (of the state, of the church, of others, and of ourselves). According to the life and thought of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, theological and political contentment is no longer a viable option for us. It’s time to wake up.

Enjoy the whole thing.  And, yes, I still really dislike Bonhoeffer.  But at least this book isn’t filled with the nauseating errors which litter Eric Metaxas’s absolutely worthless pseudo-scholarly garbage book.

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  1. It just went on my list. I love Bonhoeffer for this very reason—and I hate his being co-opted by the Right (or Left, for that matter).


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