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I Share It Because I Like It

Leadership is not about one’s position as much as it’s based on who you are as a person and the capabilities you demonstrate. — George Barna

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What Does ‘Christian’ Even Mean Anymore?

Not what it used to, that’s for sure.  Not when it’s used by persons who the Church throughout it’s history would never recognize as Christian at all. A Christian mommy blogger has announced she is dating retired soccer star Abby … Continue reading

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Refo500 Conference News

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Quote of the Day

I have 99 problems with the “Museum of the Bible,” and their spelling of Oxyrhynchus is but just one. — Sarah Bond

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The Bee Stings Trump’s Immorality

During his Sunday interview with 60 Minutes, president-elect Donald Trump revealed that he has arranged to be sworn into the White House on January 20 on a copy of Playboy Magazine, rather than the traditional Bible as most past presidents … Continue reading

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As You Head off to SBL…

Be sure to send along blogposts which have to do with it.  Before, during, and after, for inclusion in the Carnival (which happens to be the official one this month).

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Finally, A Book About Bonhoeffer That Doesn’t Make Me Want to Tear Off the Heads of Dolls, And Teddy Bears

Here’s the review by the gifted Lauren Larkin. Bonhoeffer is not a weapon to be wielded in our contemporary political battles. His life and his thought affirm neither mainstream American liberal politics nor mainstream American conservative politics (and especially not … Continue reading

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The Latest Genizah Fragments

Has arrived in the mail today- You can subscribe to the newsletter here.  It always contains a lot of interesting material.

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The Holy Land: A 15 Part Documentary

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Weather Forecast for #SBLaar16

via Weather.com

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The Anniversary of Regula Zwingli’s Death

Regula, the eldest daughter [of Huldrych Zwingli], born in 1525, who is said to have been the image of her mother, married on August 3, 1541, when in her seventeenth year, Bullinger’s foster-son, Rudolf Gualther, a brilliant man, born in … Continue reading

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