Daily Archives: 13 Nov 2016

Cancelling Classes Because of Political Disappointment? No, Don’t

So, Donald Trump won the presidential election, and colleges and universities around the country are predictably canceling classes and exams because students are predictably too devastated to be able to do their schoolwork. It’s everywhere. A professor at University of Michigan postponed an exam after too many students complained about their “very serious” stress. Columbia University postponed midterms, a Yale University professor made an exam optional, a University of Iowa professor canceled classes and a University of Connecticut professor excused class absences — all because their students just absolutely could not function knowing that they’d have to live in a country where their president would not be the president that they wanted. And it’s not even just the students — a University of Rochester professor canceled all of his meetings with students the day after the election because he decided he just could not bear to talk about it with them.

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/442083/donald-trump-school-closing-2016

These pampered coddled children will never be able to function in society.

New Zealand: Earthquake and Tsunami

New Zealand’s civil defence has issued a Tsunami warning after the country’s South Island was struck by a powerful 7.4 magnitude earthquake.  The tremor hit roughly 57 miles away from Christchurch, the largest city on the country’s South Island.  The scale of damage and the extent of injuries is unclear.

Remember the good people of that country.