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A Medieval Practice I Intend to Revive: The Curse on Book Thieves

In the Middle Ages, creating a book could take years. A scribe would bend over his copy table, illuminated only by natural light—candles were too big a risk to the books—and spend hours each day forming letters, by hand, careful … Continue reading

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A Martin Luther Gallery

This gallery contains 14 photos.


Reformation Thursday

This week the discussion is launched by a quote from John Calvin- “The heavens are filled with God’s grandeur and majesty. His presence graces the earth, saturating creation with goodness and love.” Read it here.

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Over at the Palestine Exploration Fund Blog…

Last month the four women behind Trowelblazers, a digital platform for crowd-sourced biographies of pioneering women in archaeology, geology and palaeonology, in collaboration with photographer Leonora Saunders launched a new project, Raising Horizons.  Supported by Prospect, Raising Horizons will feature … Continue reading

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